Saturday, 17 September 2011


The TT is pranged and I'm waiting, housebound in Exmoor, on lots of job interviews. I can only assume they are all on hold because of the financial crisis. Hope to get something soon, if only because the weather is starting to turn.

No longer blog posts until I move onto somewhere different, I'm finishing a short story and trying again to get my book looked at, this time by US publishers.

Listening to Grails, WU LYF, The Desert Sessions with PJ Harvey and still - Black Keys. Today I hope to have a crack at making Mojitos, I've been living off White Russians for nearly a month :-)

This is the first blog entry I have typed straight into the blog, going to try and use the 'Essay' app on my Ipad from now on. There is a need for some sort of App that posts straight to blogs..

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