Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Meshki’s issues with the electromagnetic spectrum

Meshki (AKA ‘Radiohead’), Rob and Masah's cat, has a variety of serious behavioural issues which I believe are a result of a ludicrous head size to whiskers ratio, which is completely outside my long previous experience which cats. Meshki has a tiny kitten head from which sprouts a virtual GCHQ of whiskery aparatus, allowing him to pick up signals probably not yet perceived by human science.

As a proud son of Cheshire, I’m immensely proud of one our local landmarks, Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory. A vast art deco dish driven by a turrent mechanism from a Royal Navy dreadnought, it is the first and last British Imperial contribution to the space race, tracking Sputnik across the heavens even when Soviets couldn’t. 

I look at Meshki sometimes and wonder how much data input his tiny cat brain has to deal with compared to Jodrell Bank.

Have you ever dialled up and down an old radio set to FM or LW and got that buzzy pulse that apparently is emitted by Jupiter? It is that sort of signal, shortcutting through Meshki's tiny brain (along with Talksport, The Archers, Stokes Croft Community Radio, mobile phone signals and worrying about Eltons Roads carnivourous plants) that I believe makes Meshki suddenly bite and then run off after he’s been purring happily for some time.

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